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Popular Questions

Our most frequently asked questions answered to ensure that you feel comfortable about working with us.

In order to perform all of our services we need access to your accounts with our manager account on Facebook and Google. We will also need to plan how we will deliver your customized SEO optimized website if you decide you need one built. We will never ask for passwords to your accounts and will guide you through the setup process.

We start delivering results immediately. If you are in need of a website we will start by building and performing SEO on your site. We then start creating and testing ad campaigns to drive traffic to your site and generate leads. Social Media management and CRM setup also starts after the website build.

We specialize in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and even TikTok all depending on your industry and your needs as a business owner. 

Our Social Media Management services includes frequent posts on all of your social media pages, organic growth, content creation ideas such as blogs or podcasts, and a handful of other useful services to grow your brands identity and set you apart from your competitors.

The length of time it takes to build a website depends on a couple different factors. The industry you work in, amount of pages you request, customized graphics, and SEO can all play a factor in delivery time. Our team of proffesionals always aim to deliver you your website as fast as possible and a team member will keep you updated throughtout the entire process.

Other Questions

Other questions we have created to provide more insight on exactly what we do.

SociaTel Digital is a full blown digital marketing agency our main focus being to deliver you new and qualified leads, grow your brand awareness, and help you scale your business to exceed your expectations.

We like to start off with a three month contract that is priced based off of our performance from month to month. After that we will evaluate the value that we are bringing your business and offer a longer contract priced at the value that we had previously brought to your business. We offer discounts for amounts payed in full for each contract.

Yes. All of our meetings, strategy sessions and consultations are 100% free. During this time we will try to gather information to better understand your needs as a business owner. We also give out certain material such as a free SEO report and a list of things we can implement to provide value to your business outside of our services.

Provided in the SEO report is a look at where you rank against your competitors, link building, rank analysis, keyword overview, backlink overview, and a handful of other key insights to give you a better look into your sites SEO.

All of the work performed for your business will be done solely by our team of proffesionals so you never have to worry about who has access into your accounts. None of our work is outsourced to a free-lancer or third party.

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